Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Syncing motorola L6 mobile with iCal and Google calendar: gcalsync doesn't work on my Motorola L6.

This is how I want to sync it :
Contacts are sourced from my phone + Thunderbird at home
Calendar is sourced from Google Calendar when away + iCal at work + Thunderbird at home via ScheduleWorld
I only want to synchronize my mobile when I'm at home because I have bluetooth at home and don't want to have to carry around USB cables
I don't want to synchronize of WAP because I am cheap and my mobile network provider charges me for data transfer.

First use Spanning Sync to synchronize your Google Calendar with iCal.
Then use ScheduleWorld to sync Google calendar to Schedule World.
At home, install the TSync Thunderbird plugin for syncing the contacts.

gcalsync didn't work on my Motorola L6.

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Juicing carrots

I'm still trying to find the best fruit and veg to juice in terms of mL per pound. Carrots seems like quite a cheap veg to juice. For 463 grams of carrots (0.69/kg) I got 255mL, this means that it is £1.17 per litre. Almost half the price of juicing a pear.
On a related issue, did you know that the government is charging 17.5% on natural juice and smoothies whereas foods (burgers and ready-made pizzas) are not taxed. It doesn't quite seem right that good healthy juice is taxed the same as coca-cola. They are suppose to be encouraging use to eat and drink healthily.

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