Friday, September 22, 2006

Skype on your mobile=> EQO

O.K. I have now used EQO to phone a landline in Mexico city, these are the details.
Virgin mobile, my mobile carrier charged me the following:
21:52:29 Accessing other sites £0.03
21:52:29 Accessing other sites £0.04

I think these two separate charges are for the initial connection to EQO and then the actual call.
The call didn't last but here are the Skype details:
21:55 SkypeOut to my mobile for 00:00:45
21:55 Skypeout to Mexico city landline 00:00:36
With a cost of £0.1548
The total cost to phone a Mexico city landline from my mobile using EQO and Skype for 36 seconds was 22p, calling using my Virgin carrier would have cost 80p.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

EQO revisited

Well, I managed to install EQO on my motorola L6. I use virgin mobile but as this was not an option as a carrier, I selected T-mobile as Virgin piggybacks on T-mobile. Installation was straight forward although I had to install Opera mini onto my mobile as the virgin browser wasn't letting me download EQO.
Installation was not to bad but the pricing system is far more complex. I phone France for 1 min and these are the pricing details:
Virgin charged me twice for data transfer
21-Sep-06 10:41:28 Accessing other sites £0.03
21-Sep-06 10:41:28 Accessing other sites £0.07
And Skype charged me twice:
21/09/2006 10:42 My mobile 00:01:02 duration
21/09/2006 10:42 France, Landline 00:00:47 duration
This cost me €0.22=£0.14
TOTAL COST of £0.24
This is mainly the cost of the SkypeOut from my computer to my mobile for the initial connection (£0.166 including VAT). I've actually been charged a bit less.
Calling France would normally cost me £0.40 per minute with Virgin.
EQO seems a bit cheaper. Next time I call, I will spend a bit more time on the line and I will report back to you. I think that if Skype and EQO got together to give more appropriate information about pricing, they might get a few more people interested.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

EQO pricing

With virgin mobile the cost of data transfer is 0.5p/kb and apparently with EQO it wuld be possible to make over 100 calls with 1Mb of data transfer. This would mean approx 10kb for 1 call, i.e. with my mobile provider this would cost me 5p. Then, we need to add the cost of the SkypeOut call to your mobile to make the initial connection, this will cost an additional 15p.
The rest is priced as follows:
- For an incoming call to your EQO wireless Skype phone from a Skype buddy there will be no additional charges.
- For an outgoing call to your Skype buddies there will be no additional charges.
- For an outgoing call to a landline or cell phone you will be charged the appropriate Skypeout rates on top of the Skype out rates for the incoming call.
So it would cost me a bit more than 26p to make a 1 min phone call to a landline in Mexico and an extra 6p per additional minute. Whereas phoning Mexico without using EQO and SkypeOut would c ost me 80p per min. I think it could be worth it. I will see whether I can install EQO on my Motorola L6.

Monday, September 18, 2006

New species in Indonesian water

Amid all the recent tragic news about disappearing species, scientist have managed to find approx. 20 new marine species in Indonesia.
Lets hope that Conservation International manages to protect the area before these very localised species disappear.

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